Practical financial advice for businesses and individuals across the Thames Valley & London

Whilst, as our name suggests, we’re based in Bray Village, we work with individuals, families & successful businesses from the local area, typically within a 2o mile radius, although there is no hard & fast rule to this.

We are unique in our approach in that we are able to provide 360 degree, comprehensive joined up advice across all areas of Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Accounting. Where we do not have the expertise inhouse, such as in the accounting space, we collaborate with our professional partners to provide joined up financial advice.


We are a small business providing a meaningful & profitable service to our valued clients, helping them to grow & protect their assets. As a prospective client, you will need to have attained a certain level of wealth & income in order to fund your portfolio, enabling you to achieve your financial goals.


Working with a quality financial adviser can be one of the most financially fruitful & rewarding decisions you will ever make…


As a firm, we are committed to ethical, sustainable, governance (ESG), AKA socially positive investing, & have been investing our clients money successfully in this way since 2013. Positive change investing does not have to be at the detriment of returns or risk management.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is a complex subject which can incorporate numerous products, e.g. Pensions & Investment income, as part of a broader strategy, where the ultimate goal is to provide enough income in retirement. All our planning is done in a joined up way.

Mortgages & Protection

Old Bray Financial are a whole of market mortgage broker, and can provide advice on the full range of mortgage products available for house purchase and remortgaging, including high value loans, Guarantor, Buy-to-Let, Let-to-Buy, Limited Companies and Bridge Loans.

Estate Planning

Old Bray Estate Planning offer four Estate Planning services: Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Trust Planning and Personal and Business Tax Planning; These products are commonly used with inheritance, probate, legacy planning, tax advisory, divorce, care fees.

Business Financial Planning

Business Tax Planning is something that all businesses should be doing.
It is essentially legal strategic tax planning to reduce the amount of corporation tax paid and increasing the amount of profits retained.


Old bray Wealth helps higher net worth clients, i.e. those clients earning £250k p/a or more and with net assets greater than £3m, to manage their Income and Capital Gains tax liability simply and effectively. However, many of our higher net worth clients require help across multiple planning areas.


Old Bray Financial advise on a range of investments for customers looking for the potential to gain higher returns on their money over savings solutions in the medium to long term.

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